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Vidya Balan: ‘Main Sherni’ music video shows you don’t have to roar to be a tigress


Vidya Balan says the music video “Main Sherni”, of her upcoming OTT film “Sherni”, is a tribute to all women who have the indomitable spirit of never giving up. The video, released on Tuesday, features Vidya along with nine women who have shown courage in real life.
The song is sung by Akasa and Raftaar and features Mira Erda (F4 racer and driver-coach), Natasha Noel (body positivity influencer and yoga trainer), Eshna Kutty (social media influencer and hula-hoop dancer) and Trinetra Haldar (first transgender doctor in Karnataka), Jayshree Mane (a frontline warrior at BYL Nair Hospital), Riddhi Arya (student who delivers food to frontline warriors), Anita Devi (security guard), Seema Duggal (teacher), Archana Jadav (house help).
“The music video ‘Main Sherni’ is our tribute to all the women across the globe who have this indomitable spirit of never giving up. ‘Sherni’ is special for all of us and with this film and music video, we are celebrating women who have shown us that there is nothing a woman can’t do. Just like Vidya Vincent, my character in the movie, we want to show that women are fearless and powerful, and that you don’t have to roar to be a tigress. This is what we have tried to capture in this anthem,” says Vidya.
Raftaar adds: “‘Sherni’ — there is such undeniable power in that one word, and to be able to showcase the vitality of that word in a song was a tall order! I hope Akasa and I have managed to do that.”
Akasa says: “I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of a song that celebrates women, and their strengths. With this soundtrack, we are hoping to awaken the inner shernis inside every woman around the world and motivate them to never give up, chase their dream and always keep working hard. I’ve always been all about woman power and am truly honoured to be a part of ‘Sherni’ and sing a song that will be remembered for a very long time. As always it was awesome working with Raftaar on this powerful track. The lyrics and melody truly spoke to me and I am sure that listeners will get to experience what the movie is all about through the song.”
Penned by Raghav, “Main Sherni” is composed by Utkarsh Dhotekar. The film “Sherni” is directed by Amit Masurkar, and will stream on Amazon Prime Video on June 18.