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Virasat Festival warms up with plethora of events



Dehradun, 18 Oct: The art and craft workshops continued for the second day at Virasat Village by the expert craftspersons, here, today. The workshop had the traditional art of Madhubani Painting, Terracotta Pottery, Chocolate making, Kite making, Stone Art, Rangoli, Mehndi in which children participated. Nearly 200 children from Doon Presidency, SGRR School, Him Jyoti, BS Negi School, and MKP School participated. Pankaj Rag, who is an IAS officer by profession and a poet by choice, then presented a lec-dem on the life and music of Madan Mohan, the legendary Hindi film music director. During the lecture, the audience got to hear small pieces of songs and music composed by Madan Mohan for Hindi movies from early 50’s till the 70’s.
A sarod recital by Amir Khan also took place. Amir Khan is a seventh generation musician who was born in 1991 in Bhopal, learnt the initial music from his grandfather who was a great sarangi player, Padma Shri awardee Ustad Abdul Latif Khan and the famous sarod player, Ustad Rehmat Ali Khan. His father Ustad Nasif Ahmed Khan is a renowned Tabla player.
Amir Khan started his performance with Raag Patdeep. As a tradition, starts in Aalap, Jod, Jhala, Ik Gat on Madhlya Teen Tal and IkGaat on Drut Teen Tal. He was accompanied by Chitrang Pant on Tabla.
Today, Nivedita Pandya Khandelwal, who is a disciple of the famous Kathak exponent, Dr Suchitra Harmalkar performed the traditional Kathak dance in its pure form. She presented Ram Stuti composed on Talk Rupak comprising of teen taal having bol from Raigadh Gharana. Her next performance is Bhav based Draupadi cheer Haran, giving the message of universal justice and love by Shri Krishna. She concluded today’s presentation with a Hori depicting the life of Radha and Krishna.
She was accompanied by Smita Vajpeyi on Sitar, Neha Pandya on Vocals, Mrinal Nagar on Tabla and Deepak Kasrawal on Harmonium.
Of the four regions of MP, Nimad, Malwa, Baghelkhand and Bundelkhand have many traditional folk singing styles. The songs depicting festivals, rituals, social ceremonies, etc., are mostly similar in nature. Here the songs are sung my men and women both.
Today the Malwilok Gayan was presented by the famous Malwi singer from Ujjain, MP, by Sundar Lal Malwi. By profession, he is a teacher and has a wholesome experience of 40 years of singing. Today, he was accompanied by Kabir Malviya, Jyoti Malviya and Yeshahvini, who sang along with Sundar Lal. Radhe Shyam Paras on Violin, Kamal Shivaliya on Tabla and Shubham Junwal on Dholak provided accompaniment.