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Virtual book launch of ‘Ankahi Mankahi’ by Dr Meenu Goyal Chaudhary


By Anjali Nauriyal 

DEHRADUN, 29 Aug:A book of Hindi poems titled, ‘Ankahi Mankahi’ by Dr Meenu Goyal Chaudhary was launched by StoryMirror, a Mumbai based publisher on Saturday. It was a virtual launch attended by many friends and relatives of Dr Meenu.

Hindi poetry added another star to its galaxy with the launch of this book, wherein several moods and emotions captured from life experiences are mulled over by the writer with consummate ease and maturity, lending the poems  rare literary panache.

Dr Chaudhary, a former assistant professor in English, dons several hats and is a regular as radio presenter and compere.

The core ideas of the poems have been beautifully expressed through illustrations done by none other than her daughter Vasundhara, a student of Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun.

The chief guests at the event were the CEO and Co-Founder Bibhu Datta Rout and Ravi Punia, writer of the book “Ravi Se Chand Tak”.

The launch became emotionally charged as many individuals close to Dr Meenu had fond memories and opinions to express. The attendees included several renowned authors as well.

The launch was a great success with more than 72 attendees listening attentively and offering comments, critical analysis and congratulations.

Dr Meenu was overwhelmed by the words of encouragement from her loved ones. She especially mentioned Narender Singh, Sachin Kumar and Dr. Anjali Nauriyal, who has written a heart-warming testimonial in the book.

Meenu dedicated the book as well as the event to her mother, who is no more with her but she believes her blessings have always  encouraged her in her life’s journey. She is especially thankful to her husband  Captain Aditya Chaudhary, who has returned after a long stint at the sea, only to be confronted with the most beautiful surprise he could think of. Goes without saying he is extremely proud of his wife’s literary pursuits.