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2 elevated to ‘Master Mason’ rank at Lodge Siwalik



Dehradun, 19 Sep: The Lodge Siwalik, Dr Durga Prasad No. 62 of Dehradun, in its meeting on 16 September, elevated two of its Brethren from Fellow craft to Master Mason in a ceremonious meeting by the ‘Worshipful Master RW Bro Pramod Kumar Kapur’ and his team. Brother Shikhar Gahlaut and Brother Aditya Durga a Lewis were made aware of the tenets of 3rd degree thus bringing them to the Master Mason status.

The third degree symbolises man’s maturity in life or age and his increase in knowledge and wisdom. The last of the lodge ceremonies, the Master Mason degree, completes the initiation ceremonies into the fraternity, and the new Master Mason may enjoy both the rights and responsibilities of membership. A Master Mason has the right to visit lodges throughout the world, sharing in fraternal fellowship with like-minded men who now share a common bond.