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Rotary Club holds Seminar on Stress Management



DEHRADUN, 8 Aug: Rotary Club Dehradun organised a seminar on Stress Management and other related psychological issues on Wednesday. Dr Mukul Sharma, President’s Award winner and a clinical psychologist, delivered a talk on the subject. He pointed out that the root cause of such problems is the lack of tolerance and the tendency to not hear others’ opinions. The complex lifestyle and lack of stress management was causing several diseases and health complications. Today, numerous well placed and highly educated people are under depression due to various social, economic and political pressures that the previous generations did not experience. It was important to stand and stare at the beauty of the world and spend time with the family. He further advised that it was also necessary to discuss one’s problems with well wishers and members of the family. He stressed on the need for participation in the welfare of the community. Problems like drug addiction, alcoholism and marital disputes could be easily solved through introspection and valuing the others’ point of view. The lecture was followed by a very lively question and answer session. Dr Arun Kumar proposed the vote of thanks. President Anup Kaul, Secretar y Indrani Pandhi, Joginder Singh, Dr Pawan Kumar, Dr SL Gupta, Dr S Farooq, RK Bakshi, Nagma Farooq, etc., were present on the occasion, according to Dr AK Srivastava.