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A new discovery by Graphic Era Scientist



DEHRADUN, 13 Nov: Electricity is no longer required to charge the mobile. If you go out for a walk, the electricity generated in your body will automatically charge the mobile. A scientist from Graphic Era University has succeeded in creating a nanocomposite membrane for this. This discovery is a great gift for soldiers stationed in remote places and those working away from electricity. The Central Government has registered the patent of this big discovery in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University. Professor and Scientist of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Graphic Era Dr. Warij Panwar, has made this big discovery. Dr. Panwar told that this membrane is prepared as metal coated ionic polymer nanocomposite which can convert mechanical energy generated during human activities into electricity. He told that mechanical energy is generated by every movement of the body and we do not even know when it dissolves. Through this new discovery, mechanical energy generated in the human body which due to the operation of organs can be converted into electrical energy. By applying the nanocomposite membrane somewhere on the body, this energy can be used to charge everything from mobile to small electronic devices. Through this, the dependence on electricity for charging these devices can be eliminated. This discovery can prove to be very useful for soldiers stationed in inaccessible snowy places, forests, etc. When nanocomposite membranes are used, they will not require electricity for charging mobile phones, transmitters, receivers and other devices. Through this nanocomposite membrane, blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, etc., can be checked and In case of emergency LED lights can also be turned on. It can also be used in electric car battery and mobile phone battery. The life of Nano Composite Membrane is about 12 years. President, Graphic Era Educational Group, Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, congratulating Dr. Warij Panwar for this second discovery one after the other. He said that Graphic Era is doing an important service to humanity by giving wonderful gifts to the world in the form of new discoveries and is Inspiring the generation to set new dimensions of success. Dr. Ghanshala said that this discovery is more important because platinum electrode has been made from lithium salt in it. The cells made from this can work for a very long time. It is worth noting that just a few months ago, Dr. Panwar had given a big gift to the world by preparing a membrane from sugarcane juice to be used in sensors.