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AIIMS experts underline necessity of mask to prevent COVID-19



Rishikesh, 29 Jun: Those who live in joint families need to take extra precautions to prevent spread of the Corona virus. According to experts of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, homes in which many people are living together in confined rooms are more at risk. Doctors have essentially advised all members of such families to wear masks even when at home. Social Distance and mandatory use of masks for each person is very important. Joint families also include the elderly and young children. In these conditions, the risk of Covid infection there is greater than in other families. Even slight negligence in the use of masks in these families can weigh heavily on the entire family. Professor Ravikant, Director, AIIMS Rishikesh, said that the epidemic is likely to continue for a long time. This disease can be avoided only through social distancing at home and in the office, and wearing masks. Providing detailed information about the use of the mask, Professor Girish Sindhwani, Head of the Department of Pulmonary Department AIIMS, said that breathing and asthma are more common problems in elderly people. While young children often have a cold. These are all symptoms of flu. The Corona virus attacks through the nose and mouth. Not wearing masks can spread the infection from one family to another. This negligence can also be fatal to others. Regarding the use of various types of masks, he said that the N 95 mask is only mandatory for those who work in hospitals and the medical fields. Frontline workers should always use the N95 mask. He advised the common people to wear masks made of cotton cloth to prevent Covid infection. Care must be taken to thoroughly wash the mask with soap before use the next day. He said that the misconception is that the cotton cloth mask creates obstacles in taking oxygen. For respiratory and asthma patients, Professor Sindhwani advised that people with these diseases are at highest risk of Corona infection. They can also spread the infection to other family members. He said that only surgical mask is beneficial for such patients to prevent infection. He said that this mask cannot be washed, so it should be changed daily. Dr Sindhwani added that in homes where there are people who have cold, each member of the family must use a mask. He said that it is beneficial to always wear the mask from a single side to prevent infection. It is preferable to mark one side of the mask before use. While wearing the mask, the mark should always be placed on the nose and mouth.