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‘Being Bhagirath’ works on beautification of ‘Kalpvriksha Vatika’



Haridwar, 4 Jul: ‘Being Bhagirath Foundation’ has been conducting a continuous clean-up of the undeclared garbage site near the ‘Kalpvriksh Vatika’ in Kankhal, here. Beautification and restoration work of the area is also being conducted by members of the organisation with the help of the Forest Department.
Convenor of Being Bhagirath, Shikhar Paliwal has disclosed that rejuvenating the ‘Vatika’ also had spiritual significance. The trees in the Vatika also had medicinal value. The garbage piles in the place were spread all over and the smell was overwhelming.
Paliwal demanded that the Nigam Administration install CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the Vatika so that those dumping garbage could be nabbed. Ramkumar Mishra added that the clean-up by the organisation was generating awareness among the local people. He demanded that Nagar Nigam officials occasionally visit the site to obtain an idea of what it required.
Present on the occasion were Tanmay Sharma, Aditya Bhatia, Rahul Gupta, Shikhar Paliwal, Himanshu Bhardwaj and Himanshu Rajput. They pledged to make the Vatika a beautiful place again.