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‘Booknerds’ holds Annual Librarians’ Roundtable



DEHRADUN, 10 Feb: The Booknerds team organised the Annual Roundtable of the city’s renowned librarians, here, today. On the panel were Shalini Gupta of Purkal Youth Development Society, Praveen Kapoor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Sonika, Olympus High School, and Neelam Bisht.
As the distinguished librarians took their seats, Rohan Raj, co-founder of The Booknerds, initiated the session by introducing the the panelists to the audience. He posed the big question – the reading scenario in the country.
Librarians, who come across many different types of readers in their day to day life, provided many different perspectives to the questions. As the discussion moved on, many topics were discussed, – how to encourage more people to take up the librarian profession? How to conduct oneself in libraries? How can the government and corporations contribute to improving libraries and adding more?
There was also a Q & A with the audience. Various questions regarding the profession were put up by the young readers present. Every query was discussed in detail by the panelists.
After the vibrant discussion, it was time for a fun activity planned by the Booknerds, called Book Pictionary. The audience was given different coloured bands and divided into four teams lead by each panelist. A whiteboard was put up, with the help of which the teams competed to determine the highest number of book titles. Mementos to the panelists were presented by Neha Raj, co-founder, The Booknerds.