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Brooklyn School stages English Play on Ramayana



DEHRADUN, 25 Oct: The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, came alive at Brooklyn School on 24 October. The school wore a festive look with pots, diyas and lanterns adorning its corridors. The Rangoli made by the students of all four houses on different themes added another dimension. During the morning assembly, Rishita Rawat and Amisha Bisht of class XI-Sc highlighted the significance of the festival – how good always conquers evil and the importance of an eco-friendly Diwali. The Junior Wing enacted a spectacular play on the Epic Ramayana. The idea behind the initiative was to provide a stage where children could showcase their talent. The play has grown to be the annual school event of the year in which the Junior School participates on the lines of the popular Ramlila genre, the preschoolers take part as forest animals and work their way through various small parts as dancers, singers, monkeys, demons and martial artists. Amidst elaborate stage decorations and traditional costumes, the story of the scripture was narrated in an amusing and entertaining manner. All ingredients of children’s entertainment were present. The life of Rama was shown in the play. Ram was played by Md Arhan, Lakshman’s role was presented by Utkarsh Thapa, and Sita’s was enacted by Aradhya Negi. Vivaan Painuly enacted the character of Bharat and his wife’s role was played by Aisha Bhatt. Dashratha’s role was played by Ayush Dobriyal and his wives’ characters were enacted by Aarohi Binjola, Aarohi Verma and Drishti Yadav. The following students played the Demons: Aarav Pant, Divit Suman, Mukund Khurana, Arnav Singh Rana, Aradhya Yadav, Anuj Adhikari, Ekansh Chachara, Ekansh Behl, Palaksh Negi, Rudraksh Chamoli, Yug Chaurasia, Mohd Aaraf, Mohd Kashif, Shivansh Kumar, Naman Thapa, Rudransh Tomar, Aarush Bisht, Anirudh Singh Pharswan, Mohd Taazil, Krishna Raj Bhatgain, Ojas Chaudhary, Yakshit Godiyal, Viyom Chaudhary and Swastik Rathor. The Vanar Sena members were Devanshi Upadhya, Kavya Arora, Priyanshi Singh, Rida Akhtar, Shubhali Srivastava, Vani Sharma, Adurika, Anamiya Chauhan, Adhvika Khandelwal, Diya Dhyani, Mannat Arora, Divisha Tyagi, Enaya Waseem, Aarna Godiyal , Premlata, Ozna Ansari, Aanana Thapa and Ruhaani. The tiny tots mesmerised the audience with their wonderful performance. The play ended with the song Happy Diwali. The programme was anchored by Aishwariya Chawla. The script in English was written by Aishwarya Chawla and the play was directed by Astha Malhotra and Raman Sabarwal. Principal Manju Grover addressed the students and made them aware about the harmful effects of crackers and appealed to them to celebrate an eco- friendly Diwali. Director Nitin Grover applauded the efforts of the students and the teachers.