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Changes in technology have made teaching a challenging job: Dr Ghanshala



DEHRADUN, 25 Sep: Professor Dr Kamal Ghanshala, Chairman, Graphic Era Group, has said that teaching and learning are a challenging task and the changes in technology have made it more so. He was addressing students during an online induction programme of the Graphic Era University.
Dr Ghanshala said that technology is changing rapidly, today. In such a situation, it is necessary that teachers and students should also keep themselves updated, discover their shortcomings, so that these could be rectified.
Recalling for the fresh batch, the roller coaster journey over 27 years of Graphic Era, he said that the institution is today included in the list of Top 100 Universities of the country and its 20,000+ alumni had made it to the top companies in the country and abroad in high positions.
Dr Ghanshala, in his 52 minute long presentation, talked about new inventions and projects at Graphic Era University. In the upcoming year, Graphic Era would serve society with medical facilities. It is adapting the upcoming technologies and by recruiting world class faculty, it was enabling students obtain salary packages of up to Rs 55 lakhs after completion of B Tech degrees.
He added that students of Graphic Era had made it to IIM Ahmedabad, which indicated the dedication, commitment and quality of education. Students had also made it to IISC Bangalore, IIT Bombay, etc.
He asserted that Graphic Era is not only preparing its students as quality professionals, but also making them responsible and alert citizens of society. Graphic Era stood with society in times of natural calamity, pandemic and other crises. During the time of Corona, Graphic Era initiated the “No one should starve” campaign, distributing more than 55 tonnes of food grains. It also provided face masks and hand sanitisers to the corona warriors of the army, police and administration.
During the induction programme, Prof Ghanshala also responded to the questions of the students.