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Cong is shocked by the rapid development plans: Kaushik



DEHRADUN, 6 Dec: BJP state president Madan Kaushik today claimed that the Congress is shocked by so many development plans for the state announced and initiated by the BJP government and instead of taking the development plans in a positive way, it was reacting negatively in respect of them. In a statement issued today, Kaushik said that a total of Rs 646 crores were spent on National Highways during the 7 years of Congress, while an amount of Rs 12,786 crores were spent during the tenure of BJP. The All Weather Road and Rishikesh Karnprayag Rail Project were historical works, which were the contribution of BJP. But the Congress also had a problem with these projects as it was scared by the fact that the BJP was getting the credit for them. Under the BJP government, the Kedarnath had been reconstructed and Gairsainwas declared as summer capital. He said that Congress ought not be indulging in gimmicks in the name of Gairsain, because Congress did nothing in respect ofGairsain and when BJP came to power, Gairsain became the summer capital. Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of schemes worth Rs 18 thousand crores. With better connectivity in the state, there would be better opportunities for tourism and entrepreneurship. BJP had prepared the roadmap for 10 years of the state and in the next 5 years the state would be among the leading states of the country Kaushik claimed that BJP was doing service and Congress was only doing politics of selfishness. Instead of looking at the good works in the interest of the state through a political lens, the Congress ought to welcome them positively. Because BJP had developed and Congress had been doing only politics for so many years. Today, along with roads in Uttarakhand, BJP had many achievements in the health sector as well. Congress was scared and had no idea what to do now. BJP was dedicated to development and Congress was trying to save its existence by projecting only misleading facts.