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Death of US returned woman causes panic in Haridwar 



Haridwar, 22 Mar: News of the death of a woman in Shivalik Nagar here today has caused panic in the entire colony. Though the actual cause of the death of the 65 years old woman is yet to be determined, the neighbours are suspecting that she could have been suffering from Corona infection. The reason for this belief seems to be the fact that this lady and her husband had some days ago returned from a trip to US where their daughter is living. Her husband is a retired officer of BHEL. It is being claimed that the couple had mingled with their neighbours on the day of Holi following their return from US. Not only this, they also have tenants living in their house. After the news spread, the officials reached the spot and are in the process of quarantining all the people, who were learnt to have come in their contact.  According to sources, this lady felt sick and her condition worsened yesterday and then she was rushed to the hospital where she died. The couple was screened on arrival at the IGI Airport in New Delhi but probably did not have any symptoms then. However, it must be stressed here that the cause of her death is not still known and only some tests would determine the real cause of her death. The cell phone of CMO Haridwar Dr Saroj Naithani was not reachable. It may be recalled that a total of 12 persons with symptoms akin to Corona infection have been identified in Haridwar so far. Five where discharged however, after completing their period of observation while 7 are still under observation and quarantine.