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Digibook on German language to be launched


DEHRADUN, 18 Sep: In the time of Covid-19 crisis, when all the educational activities have been postponed for an uncertain period, scholars are willing to learn but are finding it difficult. During this time, the digital platform has emerged as a silver lining in the dark clouds for everyone.
Going Digital is the new trend. So, Nidhi Arora took the initiative to write a digibook in German Language as well as in some more languages which is scheduled to get published in the coming months.
For many people even learning a foreign language is a dream. Her aim is to make it possible for everyone to learn any foreign language with ease. Learning a foreign language empowers the person to communicate in the most productive way. Knowing a foreign language is an advantage
in today’s era and learning a new foreign language requires mastery of its fundamentals and this book fulfils that purposes. It provides one a solid foundation in a short span of time.