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Doon Police deserve credit for solving murder case



Dehradun, 2 Nov: While the Dehradun Police has not been able to prevent certain crimes and even organised crime in the state capital, they do deserve lot of credit for solving several recent cases in record time. Doon Police were able to solve the murder case of an elderly lady from Doon Vihar, Jakhan in less than two days and also able to nab the culprit. SSP Arun Mohan Joshi and SP City Shweta Chaubey have been personally quite proactive in supervising the investigations of cases related to serious crimes and have ensured that the cases were solved fairly quickly. Of course the Police were helped towards early cracking of the case due to the fact that they could trace the delivery man who had delivered a courier to the murdered lady shortly before the murder. The delivery man had seen one bearded young man with the lady and this led to the arrest of Karan alias Kulwinder, who had committed the murder and decamped with the jewellery and cash worth lakhs. Not a professional criminal, Karan was however a dicey character and was living in Doon in live-in relation with a married woman. Hailing from Amritsar, he was a married man himself. His family in Amritsar is a well to do family with both his sisters being well settled one of them being a doctor and living abroad while the other is stated to be a professor in a college in Punjab. Once he came to Dehradun and started his life here in a live-in relationship, he started a catering business with money borrowed from a woman. The business was not doing well but he managed to get catering contract from the victim’s family for catering services for the marriage function hosted by the family. During his visit to the family, he noticed that the family possessed jewellery and cash which he then wanted to rob. According to him, he did not wish to murder the lady and had just pushed her in order to run away after picking up the jewellery and the cash.