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Doon Varsity Library empowers Language Learning through Mobile App-Based Resources


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 16 May: In the present digital age, mobile app-based learning has gained significant importance. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps provide a convenient and accessible platform for learning anytime and anywhere. The flexibility and portability of mobile devices allow learners to engage in self-paced and personalised learning experiences, catering to their individual needs and preferences. Recognising this trend, the Doon University Central Library has taken a proactive step by offering app-based resources and curating thousands of e-resources specifically for the students of the School of Languages. These resources are easily accessible through the library’s mobile app, creating a hub of digital content that supports language learning and education.

The recent interactive session organised by the library and the Department of French and Francophone Studies on 13 May showcased the E PressReader facility, which was highlighted by Dr Ashish Kumar, the Chief Librarian of Doon University.

Dr Kumar emphasised the significance of this resource, especially considering the expensive and limited availability of foreign language resources in the Indian market. The E PressReader provides students with access to over 7200 international newspapers and magazines, offering a vast array of linguistic and cultural materials to enhance their language learning journey. Dr Udita Negi further assisted students in downloading the E library app, ensuring they could make the most of the available features and resources.

The Vice-Chancellor of Doon University, Prof Surekha Dangwal, said in her message that the upcoming era is a technology-driven one, in which the usefulness of computer programming and mobile apps is not only limited to the academic field but also rapidly increasing in areas such as health, agriculture, and business. She emphasised that the future growth in this regard will be several times ahead of current thinking. “In this era of transformative change, we need to educate our students with new technologies,” she said.

The demo session was attended by students from the Department of French and Francophone Studies. In addition to the students, several faculty members from the School of Languages, including Shubhra Kukreti, Dr Varun Dev Sharma, Akshah, Neelma, Shefali, and Shanky Chandra were present. This session not only showcased the accessibility and benefits of the E PressReader facility but also emphasised the importance of newspapers and magazines as vital resources for learning the French language. By engaging with authentic French content, students can enhance their language skills, broaden their vocabulary, and gain a deeper understanding of French culture and society. The support and participation of, both, students and faculty members demonstrated the significance of such resources in promoting effective language learning and academic growth in the field of French and Francophone Studies.