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Dr Gaurav leads team “Dehradun Daredevils” to Big Win in Ophthalmic Premier League



DEHRADUN, 22 Feb: Dr Gaurav Luthra, Chief at Drishti Eye Institute won Laurels for Dehradun at the 78th All India Ophthalmological Conference (AIOC) at New Delhi, which was attended by almost 8000 Eye Surgeons from India and abroad. In the Ophthalmic Premier League, which is the most anticipated competition at the conference, Team Dehradun Daredevils, of which Dr Gaurav Luthra was the Captain, won the Best Team Trophy by the Judges and by the Audience for showcasing the most Challenging Cataract Surgeries. The Dehradun team included some of the renowned Eye Surgeons such as Dr Jagat Ram Director PGI , Chandigarh, Dr Namrata Sharma, Professor of Cornea, AIIMS, New Delhi, and Dr Priya Narang renowned surgeon from Ahmedabad, and besides the 3 top teams from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. OPL (Ophthalmic Premier League) is the most prestigious competition at the All India Ophthalmic Conference, the OPL Video Symposium is just like Cricket’s IPL where 4 teams of highly seasoned Eye Surgeons represent 4 Cities from India and present and discuss their most Complicated Challenging Cataract Video cases with time limitation of 4 mins. The Audience and the Panel of Judges comprising Veteran Ophthalmologists helps in awarding . This is for the first time when Dehradun was recognized amongst the top cities of the country which provide best Ophthalmic services, which is an honor for an emerging city like Dehradun which has been brought on the National and International map by the world class eye facilities available at Dehradun amongst them at Drishti Eye Institute. Drishti Eye Institute and Dr Luthra in particular have been largely responsible for medical tourism drawing patients from far and wide seeking specialized quality treatment for Retinal disorders, Advanced CATARACT surgery and LASIK/ SMILE surgery for spectacles removal among others. Dr Gaurav Luthra, a past president, is currently the Chairman for Academics and Research of the Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society of India besides being the Hony Secretary of the Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological society.