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“Empowered Women can change Society”


Author from the Valley: Venu Agrahari Dhingra

By Dr Tania Saili Bakshi 

Pic: Sneha Bhardwaj

“When a woman enters politics, she becomes controversy’s favourite child. Women have to work harder to make a mark in politics. And empowered women can change society and the nation.”

Thus spoke author Venu Agrahari Dhingra with conviction while discussing her book, ‘Power Women: India’s Political Winners’, at the Eighth edition of the ‘Author from the Valley’ hosted at VoW Café, here, with young dynamic moderators Lakshita Bajaj and Anjali Rana.

A power-house of sixteen women in Indian politics, the book covers former woman Indian President, former woman Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister of an Indian State to Union Ministers and Members of Parliament and so on.

A lawyer by education, an activist by passion and a writer by choice, this is Venu’s debut book, though she has been penning down articles on women empowerment, environment and political issues for the past two decades.

The women protagonists of this book come from all walks of life – some with legacy and some without it.” She further added, “Power Women: India’s Political Winners tells us inspirational stories about the incredible journey these women leaders took, and achieved great heights in Indian politics through their sheer grit and guts.”

‘Authors from the Valley’ is a monthly date with the written word by those who call Dehradun home. Held under the banner of Valley of Words, Literature and Art Festival in collaboration with Garhwal Post and VoW Café, Sahastradhara Road, the event attracts a growing number of, both, patrons and young volunteers from the city’s premier institutes.

The luminaries present on the occasion included Rashmi Chopra, Pooja Khana, Sneha Bharadwaj, Dr Mandira Gunjiyal, Saloni Aron, Dr Sachin Suri, Dr Shalini Suri, Rajeev and Hina Aggarwal, Sameer Dhingra, Mudit and Archana Manglik, Randhir and Siddhant Arora, Nupur Agrawal, among others.