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Gov participates in ‘Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra’ at Gajiyawala



DEHRADUN, 7 Dec: Governor Lt General Gurmit Singh (Retd) participated as the Chief Guest in the “Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra” programme at Gajiyawala, Sahaspur, here, today. He spoke about the government’s welfare schemes and urged citizens to contribute towards a developed India by 2047. The focus of the Yatra is to raise awareness about key government initiatives related to cleanliness, financial services, electricity, housing for the poor, food security, nutrition, healthcare, and clean drinking water.

The Governor also commended the progress made in agricultural technology, particularly highlighting the “Kisan Drone” as a crucial innovation for farming. The event included success stories shared by beneficiaries and a street play promoting environmental conservation.

Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi, Agriculture Secretary Anand Swaroop, and other officials attended the occasion.

The main objective of this journey is to reach the people with the central and state government’s major schemes, creating awareness, and benefiting as many individuals as possible. The focus of this journey is centred around reaching people, raising awareness, and providing the benefits of welfare schemes such as cleanliness facilities, essential financial services, electricity connections, LPG cylinders, housing for the poor, food security, proper nutrition, reliable healthcare services, and initiatives like clean drinking water.

The Governor mentioned that on Tribal Pride Day, he flagged off this van for Dehradun district. He expressed pleasure with the progress of the journey on the ground.

The Governor stated that the present scenario has changed from a developmental perspective, emphasising that the construction and implementation of schemes are now aligned with the principles of inclusivity. He mentioned that the “Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra” is making people aware and ensuring that even the last person standing in every corner of the country benefits from the government’s welfare schemes. He urged that it is everyone’s duty to ensure that all government welfare schemes reach eligible individuals and that they reap the benefits.

The Governor highlighted the four pillars mentioned by the Prime Minister during the Amrit Kaal – Women Power, Youth Power, Farmers, and the Middle Class, playing a crucial role in the direction of a developed India, a global guru India, and a self-reliant India. He shared his experience of witnessing the strength of women in Uttarakhand and commended their efforts through self-help groups for the welfare of their families and the state. He also praised the achievements of daughters who excelled in academics and other fields.

The Governor inspected all the stalls and appreciated the exhibitions, with the main attraction being the “Kisan Drone”. He explained that this drone, a result of technological innovation, would be used for pesticide spraying, fertilising, sowing seeds, and monitoring crops in agriculture. He emphasised that this application would be a significant research breakthrough in the field of agriculture.

Highlighting the technological advancements of the current century, the Governor acknowledged India’s global presence. He mentioned that India now has the highest financial transactions globally through digital means. Various schemes’ financial benefits are directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts, contributing to a significant reduction in corruption on a larger scale. He emphasised the need for collective efforts to ensure the success of this journey.

As part of the event, the “My Story, My Voice” programme featured success stories shared by five beneficiaries, and a street play titled “Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke” which conveyed a message on environmental conservation. Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi, Agriculture Secretary Anand Swaroop, Agriculture Director Ranveer Singh Chauhan, Chief Development Officer Jharna Kamthan of Dehradun, and local village heads from various departments were present on the occasion.