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Governor arrives at Chitai Golu Temple, Jageshwar Dham

By Our Staff Reporter 
Nainital/Almora, 3 Jun: Governor Lt-General Gurmit Singh (Retd) reached Chitai Golu TempleJageshwar Dham and Kasar Devi Temple in Almora district with his family and offered prayers and wished for the happiness and prosperity of the people of the country and the state.

First of all, the Governor reached Chitai Golu Temple where District Magistrate Vineet Tomar, Senior Superintendent of Police Ramchandra Rajguru and Additional District Magistrate CS Martolia welcomed him with a bouquet. After this he reached the temple and offered prayers.

During this, the Governor said that whenever he comes to Golju’s court, he felt a different supernatural joy. He said that we feel the justice and love of Golju Maharaj when we come here. He further added that the people who come here to sound the bell and ask for the fulfillment of their wishes and justice is a supernatural faith in itself.

The Governor further added that more and more tourists from the country and abroad would visit these centers which are centers of supernatural faith in Kumaon Mandal under the Manaskhand Mandir Mala Mission, and this area would get a separate recognition as religious tourism. He said that God’s grace is different in Almora district of Kumaon division. He said that the feeling of ‘Atithi Dev Bhava’ among the common citizens here is unique in itself.

Lt-General Singh said that keeping in view the number of tourists coming for different types of tourism such as spiritual, natural and adventure, besides connecting the infrastructure and roads, attention should be paid to the basic facilities. He said that keeping tourism in mind, roads, tunnels and ropeways are being constructed.

After this, he offered prayers at Jageshwar Dham with his family and wished for the happiness, prosperity and prosperity of the people of the country and the state.  During this, he said that it is his good fortune that he has got the opportunity to visit Shri Jageshwar Dham. He said that coming here one feels immense spiritual power.  He said that with the development of facilities for tourists here under the Manaskhand Temple Mala, the number of devotees would increase in the coming times. He said that the master plan of Jageshwar Dham has been prepared after a lot of thought, through which Jageshwar Dham will be developed and this Dham will be very famous in the country and abroad in the coming years. He said that the way the infrastructure is being developed, it will develop more in the form of spiritual tourism in the coming times and a large number of devotees will come here to visit.  After this, he reached  Kasar Devi temple, offered prayers and meditated. Along with this, he also interacted with the devotees.

Prior to this, the Governor held a meeting with the District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police and other officers at the Artela Resort and gave necessary guidelines regarding the development of the district and various development works.

During this, District Magistrate Vineet Tomar gave him  information about the district. The Governor said that there is a lot of potential for development in the district by connecting people through self-help groups. He said that concrete steps should be taken to reduce the tendency of drug addiction among the youth.  He said that Almora is the most affected from the point of view of migration, special efforts need to be made for reverse migration as well. He said that every year, due to the fire in the forests, forest property worth lakhs is damaged, special efforts should be made to save it.