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Govt changing name of Joshimath to hide failure to it save Joshimath: Yashpal Arya

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 13 Jun: Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya today alleged that the government’s decision to rename Joshimath is an attempt to divert attention from its failure to provide relief to those affected by the disaster there. Arya asserted that the state administration’s lack of action has left the situation of the disaster-stricken residents unchanged even 18 months post the calamity. He accused the government of planning to displace the inhabitants of Joshimath rather than addressing the city’s historical, religious, and cultural significance. Senior Congress leader also claimed that Joshimath name is itself quite ancient and that there is no need to rename the place.
Arya claimed that while compensation has been distributed for nearly 192 demolished homes, the valuation of the land remains unsettled. Furthermore, there is a plan to relocate an additional 1,200 houses to a designated red zone, but suitable resettlement land has not yet been identified. He further alleged that the cessation of work on the NTPC project has led to a significant reduction in land subsidence, indicating a direct correlation between the project’s activities and the endangerment of JoshimathArya urged that a complete halt to the NTPC project be ensured. He also criticised the ongoing construction of the Helang-Marwari bypass beneath the city.
Arya claimed that there is total absence of critical infrastructure work, such as embankments along the Alaknanda River, water drainage, and sewer lines, which are essential for the city’s protection. Arya also condemned what he claimed to be a biased survey of hazardous areas within Joshimath and questioned the rationale behind declaring the army area safe while labelling the adjacent village of Dado as unsafe. He alleged that the government’s decisions reflect an intent to obliterate Joshimath to favour projects and military interests.
Arya further claimed that the destruction of Joshimath, a city with a rich heritage dating back to the Katyuraan era, under the guise of ‘Amritkaal’ is regretful and added that merely changing the city’s name will not benefit its people or preserve its legacy.