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HSMS Orientation Prog held at Swami Rama Himalayan University


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 1 Aug: Swami Rama Himalayan University has commenced a two-week-long orientation programme for its new students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses at the Himalayan School of Management Studies (HSMS).

The inaugural ceremony was held today and will continue till 12 August, offering a rich spectrum of activities for the freshers.

The inaugural event began with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, illuminating a path of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment for the new students.

Dr VD Chauhan, Director General – Academic Development, introduced the University, providing an insightful overview of its history, vision and mission. As part of the introductory event, a special video showcasing the life of Dr Swami Rama, the founder of the university, was presented to the new students to inspire them and offer insights into the university’s heritage and culture.

Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Vice-Chancellor of Swami Rama Himalayan University, welcomed the group of young minds to the University, assuring them an enriching and rewarding journey. He emphasised the University’s commitment to providing an inclusive and innovative learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and personal growth. He also reminded the students of their responsibilities as members of the University community, urging them to uphold the values and ethos of the institution, respect diversity, and maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. He assured them his and the entire faculty’s unwavering support in their academic journey.

Dr Vickram Sahai, Principal of the Himalayan School of Management Studies, also greeted the new students. The principal introduced the faculty and staff of HSMS, providing the students an initial interaction with the people who would guide them on their academic journey.

Dr Somaditya Juyal, Associate Professor, provided the new students with a comprehensive overview of their chosen courses. He shed light on the educational objectives and anticipated outcomes. Additionally, he also highlighted the specificities of the courses and the structural layout, offering students a more detailed understanding of their academic trajectory. This was aimed at enabling students to make the most of their academic experience and align their learning path with their career goals.

Dr Ravindra Sharma, Assistant Professor at HSMS, presented an extensive briefing on the University’s anti-ragging measures. It was emphasised that the University is a ‘ragging-free’ campus, and any form of harassment or bullying is strictly prohibited. This provides a safe, supportive and conducive learning environment for the students.

Around 150 students were present at the event. Over the next two weeks, the students will participate in a range of exciting educational activities designed to familiarise them with university life. These activities are part of the university’s commitment to ensuring a comprehensive, welcoming, and inclusive orientation for all new students.

The programme was anchored by Garima Kapoor.