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I enjoy my work so much, it doesn’t let me sleep: Vasundhara Joshi


Sunita Vijay in conversation with Vasundhara Joshi, celebrity stylist & costume designer 

At an age when people are struggling with quarter life crises, Vasundhara Joshi, the celebrity stylist and costume designer, born and brought up in Doon, is thinking of launching her own label. After completing engineering, like any other enthusiastic graduate, she picked up a job but sulked. Her heart craved to explore the world of fashion design, a trait she had in her from the beginning but was discovered when her dressing sense and style was admired by her friends and colleagues. It took a handsome amount of time to convince her parents to change track, move to Mumbai and pursue her passion. The preparation began with upgrading her skills by undertaking a PG course at Pearl Academy. Fortunately, she interned under and assisted some of the best names in the field, which opened doors for her to work and style celebrities of Hollywood. ‘You have to be physically and emotionally strong to sustain, survive, perform and rise in any section of the highly competitive film industr y, especially when you do not have connections. I had my share of disappointments, rejections along with appreciation and admiration. Initially, it was tough and life is not easy even now. A strenuous work schedule, overly late-night shoots for many consecutive days, travelling and exploring the local market for accessories to complete the outfit is always there. At times, new experiments fail. But the best part is that I enjoy my work and it doesn’t let me sleep. I jump from my bed each morning bubbling with ideas. This is what I am meant to do and this is what I am doing,’ says Vasundhara. When passion combines with work, it’s the greatest blessing. During the India’s Best Dramebaaz shoot, she met Vivek Oberoi, who was highly impressed by her work. The most awaited offer followed, to style Vivek Oberoi for the promotion of his film PM Narendra Modi. Soon, she left her job and now works as a freelancer and has dressed up TV celebrities like Nandish Singh Sandhu, Donal Bisht, Karanvir, legendary actor Suresh Oberoi and others. It was important to know how she communicates her fashion vision to her clients and convinces them in an understandable way especially while handling a rigid client with strong liking for certain types of cloth, style, outfit and trend. She adds, ‘Yes, such situations do arise. Each one of us has a different body shape. Accordingly, I choose the dress and accessories to accentuate the high points and hide the weaknesses. I have to keep comfort in mind while maintaining the uniqueness and appeal. Following the trend, at times creating a new one that is comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the purpose, is what I seek. An actor cannot afford to wear uncomfortable clothes as it will reflect on screen. I have to keep note of all these minute details.’ Presently, Vasundhara is working on a handful of assignments for Balaji, Kundra Productions, a couple of video albums and a few personal events as stylist. She is also busy working on Lakshya, the new face in Dostana 2. She plans to conduct regular workshops in Doon to benefit budding aspirants. She nurtures a wish to organise and support a theme-based fashion show in Uttarakhand at par with the best fashion shows of India. In order to look smart, people copy each other’s style, ending up looking like clones of each other. Here the role of a stylist pronounces, to let the uniqueness of a personality stand out amidst the crowd. Vasundhara does exactly that! Vasundhara completed her schooling from Children’s Academy, Tagore Villa and engineering from Dehradun Institute of Technology. Her parental home is in Gobind Garh. Her father, Shailendra Joshi is Manager, Uttarakhand Gramin Bank and her mother Reema is a homemaker.