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International Conference on Business, Digitalisation and Sustainability held at School of Business, UPES

DEHRADUN, 4 Feb: Sustainability
 and Digitalisation in Business would be meaningful only when it touches the people at the grassroots level, especially whose lives are devoid of light of   development, said Ritu Bhushan Khanduri, Speaker of Uttrakhand Vidhan Sabha while addressing the gathering as Chief Guest at the Valedictory session of International Conference on BusinessDigitalisation, and Sustainability that concluded at the School of BusinessUPES on Saturday.
Addressing the galaxy of academicians, scholars, and industry professionals, she said that proper understanding of the themes and how the government and each individual is being impacted by the digitalisation should be discussed at such a forum. “The Covid-19 pandemic impacted every individual and made them understand the need to become digital not just in business but in education, health and all other sectors’” added the Speaker.
She is the only female Speaker of Legislative assembly in entire India. While replying to a query related  to women and education, she maintained that parents can teach their children to be respectful towards women. This would help in supporting women in society and their growth.
Dwelling at length on digitalisation and sustainability, she averred that that development and digitalisation will only be successful when each and every individual in India is able to have access to the ideas and policies being put forward. It is important to bring every kind of business to digital platforms.
The Director of School of Business, Rahul Nainwal, presented a shawl to  the Speaker. The Convener of the conference, Dr Anshuman Jaswal, presented her with a bouquet while Professor of Strategy, Dr Rajesh Tripathi presented a memento.
Earlier the conference was inaugurated by the Minister for Urban Development of Uttarakhand, Prem Chand Aggarwal. He called upon researchers and academicians to spread the message of how every individual needs to wake up and hear the call of the planet. “We may desire development, but it is essential to look at development holistically and in the long term”, he added.
Aggarwal, who has been Speaker of Vidhan Sabha in his previous tenure, began his speech with the chant of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. He maintained that academicians and industry personnel should endeavor not just for themselves but for the country and also for the world so that the future generation may live comfortably.
Day one of conference commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp. A welcome note by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Ram Sharma threw light upon the importance of sustainability not just in the industry but also in the academic world, especially with the introduction of Chat GPT and the way the industry has been expanding rapidly.
The second session began with the keynote speaker Sridevi, MD of Accenture,  discussing how sustainable digital business thinking has an impact on the macroeconomic level. She discussed how Accenture with its travel policy that tries to minimize travel, endeavors to reduce carbon footprint and carbon emission.
The second keynote speaker of the day was Prof. Ramadhar Singh, a distinguished university professor from Ahmedabad University. He highlighted how it is important to realize that in today’s world academician are not purely academic, but are also administrators who are trying to solve the problems of everyday situations. They also mould the individuals and make them grow into people who know how to use and channelize the information available, and also to learn to be engaging with the information that is being gained.
 Industry Round Table, which featured the dignitaries from the industry and academic world discussed what digitalization and sustainability meant to each individual. The jeweled panel for this round table were: Sridevi. MD of Accenture, Dr. Ram Sharma, Vice Chancellor, UPES, Prof. Samo Bobek, Faculty of Economics and Business in University Of Maribor, Slovenia, Abhishek Ranjan of Brillio. The discussion also went into what industry requires from the academic world and the requirements that may be needed for the academic world to bring in better and employable candidates to meet the current requirements of the businesses that are moving exponentially towards digitalization and hence sustainability.
Dr Vinay Sharma, Professor of Management from IIT Roorkee, mentioned how sustainability and digitalization are linked and can be related with the Holy scripture of Hindus Ram Charitra Manas.
R. K. Srivastava Ex-CMD, ONGC, threw light on how Energy and Power sector are finding leverage and shifting towards the sustainable energy goals, as well as seeing how digitalization is helping the industry grow and meet with the Global future trends that are moving towards a healthier planet. He explained how energy ad power are using various technologies to monitor the health of the planet and make a seamless shift to a new healthy planet.
On Day Two, the illustrious Prof. Jagdish N Seth, Marketing professor at Goizueta Business School of Emory University, briefed about the growth that Blockchain is bringing in the industry. “The changes in the advertising and marketing that are occurring and making a shift in the business models of organizations were also touched upon, intriguing the audience and making them curious about the endless and limitless scope that digitalization is bringing into the world of marketing,” he added.
Dr Sanjiv Chopra, IAS, Ex-Director LBS National Academy of Public Administration, while correlating digitalisation and sustainability said that the entire growth and evolution has led to the expansion of technology from various philosophies and thinking.
He explained how the expansion of technology was sure to happen and how history and the evolution of human kind has led to its current need to be digital and sustainable. Bringing in excerpts from philosophy of Prometheus, philosophy of Malthus and philosophy of Ricardo, Dr. Chopra who is also author of celebrated books on public administration, linked philosophy, business and digitalization. After that, Prof Karmeshu, Distinguished Professor at UPES, spoke volumes on symbiotic relation between the IT systems and growth of any industry in the future.
Along with the Keynote sessions there were technical sessions wherein the new ideas from the young minds not just from Indian academia but also across the globe were brought forward.
A session by Dr. Samo Bobek, Professor at University of Maribor in Slovenia, gave a perspective from the European Union about twin green and digital transition. Dr. Bobek discussed the link between sustainability and green, digital and resilient economy.
Prof. Vipin Gupta discussed how science can bring in solutions by creating and following the path of nature. The day ended with an amazing session by Prof. Andrew Karl Delios, Department of strategy and policy and Prof Dimitrios Buhalis wherein insights on artificial intelligence in hospitality and how strategy planning impacts every organization were shared

Convener of Conference informed that   more than 150 papers were presented in the three-day conference. “ These research papers after review would be complied and published in  journals of international repute,” added Dr Jaswal.