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Journalists learnt the skills to debunk fake news in the workshop


Graphic Era organizes workshop with Google

DEHRADUN, 30 Mar: Ahead of general elections 2019, Graphic Era Hill University with the support of internet giant Google, conducted a training session for journalists and media educators. The training was aimed to educate all on online verification and fact-checking in a bid to curb the menace of fake news. Google has partnered with DataLeads and Internews to host the training session across the nation.
On this occasion Google News Initiative trainer Rama Solanki informed about the motive behind creating and spreading fake news and how it gets viral. She said that in this digital era every person is a journalist and it is a moral responsibility of every individual to check the authentic of the news before sharing it. She further added that in the wake of mob lynching cases prevalent in the country, it becomes crucial to verify facts and figures in news before disseminating the same. She asked all to refrain from using free Wi-fi and keep their social sites and other networks secured with strong and complex passwords.
Deputy Editor DataLEADS, Varadarajan Ananthakrishnan during his training session told the participants that authenticity and credibility of news can be enhanced by using live streaming along with recorded videos. He also told that there are more You Tube subscribers in rural areas as compared to urban in India. It becomes therefore important to spread digital literacy.
Google News Initiative Trainer (GNI) Taha Siddiqui informed about the various tools to identify fake news and verify it using Reverse Image Search, Rev Eye and Tin Eye and similar other tools. She further said that in this digital era fake images have become rampant on social media that are often used to malign someone’s public image. It becomes essential to verify and cross check the images before circulating.
Graphic Era Hill University Vice Chancellor, Dr Sanjay Jasola extended his gratitude to Google News Initiative and all the media personnel and media educators that internet can be best utilized when every person is able to identify and verify authentic news. He further applauded the initiative taken by Google News Initiative.
On this occasion along with media fraternity representative from Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Uttarakhand were also present. Shikha Tyagi from Media and mass communication Department, GEHU presented the vote of thanks. Himani Binjola, Shivani Pant, Sandeep Bhatt, Vikram Rautela, Vipul Tiwari and Insaf Khand actively participated in the workshop.