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Long lines seen outside bookshops



DEHRADUN, 23 Apr: Bookshops have also begun to open along with those selling essential items. Bookshops could be seen open in many markets, here, today. A large number of people lined up to make purchases.
The order on opening of such shops was issued by Secretary, Education, R Meenakshi Sundaram on Wednesday. The requirement is for parents to note down the name and telephone number of the book sellers. Home delivery of books is also to be arranged in Doiwala and Dehradun.
It is also reported that the private schools would pay the wages of teachers and other staff for the closure period. Fees would not be increase during the entire semester. Parents would not be pressurised to pay the fees and no child’s name deleted from the rolls for this reason. This order too was issued by Sundaram.
There was also a long line outside the GPO at Clock Tower to open accounts. A barber’s shop was closed down by the police on Nashvilla Road, but the owner reportedly was only vacating the premises.