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Mahant Devendra Dass leads ‘Nagar Parikrama’ in Doon



Dehradun, 15 Mar: Under the mentorship of Mahant Devendra Dass, the ‘Nagar Parikrama’ was carried out today in Doon. The people welcomed with showers of flowers. The entire route echoed to slogans praising Guru Ram Rai. It is held on the third day after the birth anniversary of Guru Ram Rai. Thousands of devotees gave it a hearty welcome.

The ‘Sangat’ and local people received the blessings of Mahant Devendra Dass. The Parikrama started from the Darbar Sahib premises at 9:30 a.m. It reached Guru Ram Rai Public School, Bindal, via Saharanpur Chowk and Kanwali Road. Here the ‘Sangat’ were given ‘prasadam’ of ‘Chana’, ‘Murmura’ and ‘Gur’. From there, the Parikrama reached Tilak Road and went on to the Clock-Tower. To the playing of the ‘Dhol’, a large crowd welcomed the Sangat. It then went on to Lakhi Bagh via Paltan Bazar. It paid obeisance at the ‘Samadhi Sthal of the Mahants’. It finally reached the Darbar Sahib at 1:30 p.m.
During the ‘Nagar Parikrama’, many dignitaries, officials and MLAs of various parties welcomed the ‘Sangat’ with a rain of flowers.
The farewell of the ‘Sangat’ and ‘Masandas’ took place in the Darbar Sahib at 5 p.m. At 6 p.m., the ‘prasadam’ was distributed.
Speaking on the occasion, Mahant Devendra Das said that the Sangat from India and abroad reached Doon to be a part of the Parikrama.
A meeting was also organised by the office holders, members and ‘sangat’ on whether the raising of the holy flag pole in 2021 be done at Matawala Bagh, keeping in mind safety and increasing number of devotees, every year. The premises are becoming increasingly smaller for this sacred function. However, no decision could be reached on this subject. It will require a detailed study and interpretation of the religious and spiritual aspects of the issue. Every year the numbers of devotees coming to the pilgrimage are on the increase. All the sangat and local devotees wish to witness the blessed moment. But the congested streets and nearby places are insufficient for this. Matawala Bagh, on the other hand, has a lot of sufficient space, which is also flat. From the security point of view, it can be a suitable place for raising the flagpole.
Eighty-seven year old Sardar Jagtar Singh said that he has been a regular volunteer ‘sewadar’ during the raising of the flag pole. According to him, due to the change in climate and continuous rain, the flag pole did not get sufficient time, this year, to dry, which resulted in its snapping. He suggested use of ‘ashtdhatu’ to make the flagpole. A consensus on this will be arrived at by the managing committee of the Darbar Sahib.
Mahant Devendra Dass has said that the ‘rajpurohits’, ‘acharyas’ and priests had studied the ‘panchang’ and fixed 13 March for the raising of the flagpole.
After the prasad was distributed at Darbar Sahib, most of the devotees from other states returned home.
The Mahant has also appealed to all that the advisory issued by the Union Health Ministry be strictly followed.
He claimed that not even a single person was found exhibiting symptoms of Corona Virus during the festivities.