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Open Day held at St Patrick’s Academy



DEHRADUN, 3 Mar: St Patrick’s Academy held its Open Day and Art and Science Expo, here, today. The classrooms were decked up with the art work and science related statics, as well as working models made by the children. Eloquent and confident children were seen explaining their work to the parents and the guests with great confidence. Earlier, Sister Vandana, Provincial of CMC, inaugurated the exhibition along with Sister Susan and Brother Joseph, the School Principal. All the parents spoke highly of the work done by the school children and teachers. The school auditorium displayed the work done in the Imageminds Lab of the school by children from Class 1 to 8. Models of the Pyramid of Giza, Tutankhamen and the mummies stole the limelight, taking the spectators on a tour of Egypt. The objective of the exhibition was to inculcate a scientific attitude and appreciation for creativity among the children. Since it was also the day when the children got promoted to higher levels, they all left the school with a renewal of energy and determination to do better in the next school session.