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Palash Sen: Embodiment of unwavering passion for music


By Alok Joshi

Dehradun, 8 May: Doonites were enthralled by Dr Palash Sen’s magical band, “Euphoria”, on Saturday night. A three-hour high-energy performance kept the audience spell-bound. Everyone enjoyed his rendition of the local popular song “Bedu pako barah masa” in addition to his other musical hits. In a touching moment, Palash paid tribute to the late folk singer of Uttarakhand, Chander Singh Negi (Rahi), whose son Rakesh, who has been a part of the band for a long time, he introduced to the gathering.
“Euphoria” is an Indian pop-rock band formed by Dr Palash Sen in 1988. Initially rooted in English rock, the band gradually found its calling in the form of fusion rock music arrangements with Hindi lyrics and melodies. With the release of their debut album, “Dhoom”, in 1998, Euphoria was the first indigenous band that became a household name. Popularly known for their classic track “He Maayri”, they are phenomenal and known to put the stage on fire with their performance.

Alok Joshi with Dr Palash Sen.

In a free-wheeling conversation the day after his performance, Palash the songwriter, musician, composer and singer was oozing with his passion for pure music. One is most likely to forget that he is also an MBBS doctor. He was all praise for people of the hills for their simplicity, hospitality and love for all kinds of music. His mother also belongs to the hills of Jammu & Kashmir, hence his soft corner for ‘pahari’ people. Recently, he shot a video in Himachal Pradesh and the locals showered tremendous love on him and his team.
He also mentioned the challenges faced by independent musicians about which he has been vocal for many years. Not being a part of mainstream Bollywood, passionate musicians like him have to compete for attention in the midst of aggressive marketing, be relevant, and attract audiences mainly by way of stage performances. The only reason he has survived is because of his deep love for music. His musical videos are always woven around some story and garnished in regional flavour.
Apart from being a musician, Palash is very polite, considerate and friendly. He drove himself from his home in Delhi to Dehradun and as he prepared to drive back, I just wondered what kind of music he would listen to on the way in his car.

(Alok Joshi is an HR Advisor, freelance writer and author of “12 Sweet and Sour Years in China”)

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