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Police action in Hyderabad justified: CM Rawat



DEHRADUN, 6 Dec: There was all round praise for the encounter killing of the accused in the Hyderabad rape-murder case, here, today. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat justified the actions of the police by stating that culprits should have fear of the law. Questioned specifically about the ‘encounter’, he said there were provisions in the law against those who attacked the police in the bid to get away. The police needed to be seen as the protector of the law-abiding. It was important to keep the morale of criminals at a low level. Legislators, attending the winter session of the Vidhan Sabha, also went beyond party lines in interactions with the media to praise the action of the police. BJP MLA Adesh Chauhan wanted rapists to be hanged on road crossings. MLA Karan Mahra said that the version of the police would be confirmed after an inquiry, but the action was justified if the accused did try to escape. MLA Harish Dhami thanked the police and said women would feel more confident now. MLAs Sanjay Gupta and Vinod Kandari declared the action justified if the accused had actually committed the crime Sadhvi Uma Bharti, who is sojourning in Rishikesh, these days, demanded strict laws against those who commit crimes against women. She said that women remained unsafe throughout the country.