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Pramukh to set up more organic manure plants

Dehradun, 15 May: A meeting of the Executive Committee of Pramukh was held on 14 May at Rein Basera, here. Pramukh provides sanitary services to keep this shelter clean.
The meeting was attended by Chairman Brig KG Behl (Retd), Dr Arun Kumar, Nitin Shah (Treasurer), Florence Pandhi, Kusum Kumar, Shalini Sanjarwal and Paramjit Singh Kakkar, Secretary.  Beena Negi and Dr SS Negi were inducted as members of the Pramukh Committee. Dr Kalhan, President of the Rain Basera committee, attended as a guest. It was also decided that more number of members be inducted as requests are coming for putting up more composting units. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary PS Kakkar and were approved.
Shalini Sabharwal, the CA, presented the Annual Accounts which was discussed at length and approved. She was appointed as Auditor for the next Financial Year as well. Sanction was also accorded for setting up a plant to systematically collect and supply compost.
Kakkkar and Nitin Shah informed the House about the latest developments in tapping CSR resources to set up composting sites to meet the local needs of particular areas and communities, as well as other projects. Ten such units have been setup in ONGC besides some in schools, institutions, and individual homes.
Brig Behl pointed out that Dehradun is facing air pollution threats due to burning of waste in a big way, hence promoting composting habits among citizens would curb burning and at the same time generate essential conditioning organic manure to enrich the soil, cutting down on use of chemical fertilisers. Since Pramukh has set up such organic manure producing systems at different places, organic manure is available and can be had from Secretary PS Kakkar, available on Mob No. 8006002400, at very reasonable cost.