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Remembering India’s First Magician of International Repute Gogia Pasha

On his 46th death anniversary
By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 17 Dec: The legendary magician Gogia Pasha hailed from Dehradun, where he passed away on December 19, 1976.
He is credited with putting magic, rooted in Indian tradition and culture on the world map with his successful international shows.
Gogia Pasha travelled all over the world, presenting shows which were widely appreciated by distinguished audiences that included the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and his daughter Indira Gandhi, who herself became Prime Minister later, and several other well known personalities.
He was sent to London for the coronation of the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II on a diplomatic passport ordered for him by Jawaharlal Nehru.
To honour his memory, the living members of Gogia Pasha’s family have founded the Gogia Pasha Foundation, which promotes art, literature and culture, as well as helps in the revival of dying traditional Indian art and culture.

On his 46 death anniversary, his grandson Siddharth Khanna has announced the launch of a documentary film on the legendary magician, showcasing various aspects of his life, illuminated by interviews with those closely connected to him.