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Residents of Kuthal Gate file complaint about poor road condition with DM


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 9 Sep: Residents of Kuthal Gate, Rajpur, have written a letter to District Magistrate Sonika complaining about the damaged road at Kuthal Gate. They have stated in the letter that Rajpur’s Kuthal Gate main road has been damaged for the past 4 years at a sharp turn due to which accidents happen every day. They have added, “The PWD department was informed many times by the residents of the area, but due to its apathy, this road has remained damaged for the past 4 years. Due to heavy rains this time, the situation on this route has worsened. The condition is such that accidents often happen here and there is a strong possibility of untoward incidents happening in the future due to lack of repair.”

The residents have further pointed out that, while the PWD has been ignoring their complaint for the past 4 years, it has been involved in major road construction leading to a five star hotel just a few metres away at a cost of over Rs 1 crore. They assert that the total cost to be incurred in road repair at Kuthal Gate is not likely to exceed an amount of Rs 10 lakhs and, yet, the PWD claims lack of funds.

The residents have claimed that due to the apathy of the PWD, there is a grave risk to the residents as well as passersby. There is a lot of anguish among the residents and the villagers due to this. The residents have appealed to the DM to order road repairs at the earliest and to provide funds from any related head of accounts.

In a fresh development, today, a delegation led by Vishal Sharma, Bhim Singh Rana, Anoop Bhandari, Praveen Makreti, Rakesh and Vijay, called on District Magistrate Sonika, today, and she was informed that the PWD Department is continuously constructing roads and bridges for a private five-star hotel at a cost of crores, while ignoring the very sensitive issue of public interest, the cost of which is likely to be around Rs 10 lakhs only. The delegation warned the DM that the residents would soon start an agitation in case the road is not repaired very soon.