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Seven Oaks School hosts Christmas Carnival


DEHRADUN, 25 Dec: Seven Oaks School has been celebrating 25 years in the field of education. It hosted a Christmas Carnival for the students, parents and grandparents. There was a full house that enjoyed the spirit of Christmas and the term ending.
The students sang carols and made the crowd dance to the tune of various Christmas beats.
Many fun activities were organised for the parents and grandparents as well. The school got parents and their children to be a team and play along. Students showcased their dancing skills and the parents and grandparents were left with smiling faces.
The function was special as there was 100% participation from students and parents.This made every parent feel special and a part of the Christmas Carnival. The school ensured that it was just not another fest at school, but gave a platform for parents to bond and build interpersonal relationships with each other.