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The Perfect Grey!


By Pooja Marwah

Life does come a full circle. The latest hair trend of 2022 is grey hair. Now whether you own it “gracefully” or you get a slight tweak done to your mane professionally – the outcome will be exactly the same… the perfect grey!

It is rather amusing to note that the minute you see a person with a silvery grey top, graceful is the first word that comes to mind. Of course the inner beauty and persona can take a long hike… for the first thing that you see is the ‘grace’.

But what is grace really? Merriam Webster’s has two distinct meanings; and they are as diverse as they can be –

  1. Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification,
  2. Charming or attractive trait or characteristic.

To put it forth simply, grace is the innermost reflection of a person. It is an innate nature that they have cultivated and nurtured through their life. Grace comes with experience, with knowledge and with a lot of confidence.

Ballet is considered to be a graceful art form for it is a unique combination of an outward physical endurance and an inward creative expression. “There are no words, only movement. And the points are made!” Subtly!

Appearances in the world today are a mere cover. There is no association that can distinctly identify a person’s age with reference to wrinkles, spots, or hair colour. Almost everything can be touched up to project a more aesthetic appeal. But that does not mean that they are less graceful. It is a personal choice and one that gives them happiness.

Likewise, just because people opt to grey naturally does not immediately qualify them as such.

Beauty does run deep. A book cannot be judged by its cover. There is more to it than meets the eye. A lot of times in life, misunderstandings can be avoided or rectified if people take the time to introspect just a little. What one sees is not always the truth. What one hears is just that – a story. But what one is… is what ultimately counts.

Gracefulness is when you have it in you to hold your ground, when the rest of the world is determined for you to fall. It is when you remain unruffled and opt for stoic silence over the consistent buzz of noise around. It is an acquired value. For, to be graceful, many a time, you have to disregard the minor nuances that are put forth your way. It is not easy but then easy is never worth it.

Grace is not the flaunting of a few strands of grey, but it is a reflection of you as a person. It is about a deep rooted value system that branches out into poise, elegance and dignity. It is about hearing a laugh that comes from within and not a pretentious cover. For at some or the other point in life, the book will be read and that is when the judgement will be made.

“Listen when I’m distant, for I won’t say a word,

Know where to find me, for I won’t be in a herd.

We all will be a story in somebody’s head,

Wouldn’t you rather be the whole book, without inhibitions..

Quietly she said.”

The perfect grey will not add up to the grace of a person… the imperfect lines, spots and dark circles will… For they tell the truth, as is – with or without the shades of grey.