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The Seven Unanimous Principles of Nationalism


By Acharya Balkrishna

The evil tendency, on one hand to unscrupulously tarnish the sacred image and character of mothers (women), while on the other hand casting a blemish on the dignity of the motherland through corruption proverty, unemployment, violence, crime, terrorism, illness, starvation, social injustice, calamity, enmity and exploitation in the name of governance and administration, is growing at an alarming rate.
Right from time when this world came into existence, our ancestors have worshipped the Vedas, the root source of all knowledge and sciences in the form of Vedamt or mother incarnate as the Vedas:
‘Stuta maya varada vedamt pracodayantm pavaman dvijnm’ (Taittirya rayaka-10.36).
It is our sacred cultural, spiritual and national duty to protect the Vedas that unanimously and globally have been accepted as the oldest surviving sacred texts available to mankind. We are deeply commited to maitain the intact and unscathed form of the Ri literature through research, deep studies and following the vedic traditions.
The indigenous cow, venerated as a Mother embodies our country’s basis for growth in ecomomical, agricultural and health sectors. Mother cow can be likened the stream of unquestioned and immense love. Therefore- ‘Gavo vivasya matara,’ – Cow is the mothers of the entire world. So, we have to work together to protect, support and promote mother-cow.
The cow is the only mammal that absorbs oxygen as well or respirates the same. The cow absorbs oxygen from the nature according to its needs and she consumes only 5% and returns the remaining oxygen to nature again. Whereas human-beings and all other living beings absorb oxygen and give-off carbon-dioxide. And most of the plants and trees do exactly the opposite of it.
Tremendous benefits are derived by caressing the body of an indigenous cow for about 15 to 20 minute daily in the treatment of high blood-pressure, where it is reduced and eyesight is enhanced.
Our forefathers regarded cow as mother, thus worshipped and protected them. A cow provides love, affection, compassion and mercy similar to our mother. Cows have always benefitted the society, but they are killed very secretly in thousands of number. The results of this heinous act can be seen in the form of ever increasing devastation, environmental imbalance, floods, earthquakes, heavy, scanty or no rainfall, violence, cruelty etc.. The cruel and barbaric killing of cows, buffaloes, goats and other animals in the abattoirs and their piteous cries produce negative energy in the whole country. Cow-slaughter is the cause of great sorrow and devastation. We consider it completely immoral to kill cows, buffalos, sheep, goats, chicken or any other innocent animal. Animals like human beings, deserve equal right to live happily and to enjoy the beauty of nature. Our sacred motherland has been the birthplace and the arena of action for a great many illustrious, model, wise and non-violent noble sages and persons along with the brave warriors who have laid down their lives for noble causes. Since time immemorial, our country has believed on the virtues of truth, non-violence and noble conduct. Hence, being a citizen of such a sacred nation, we wish to erase this blemish of cow-slaughter from the forehead of our motherland.
Rivers are the symbols of faith, devotion, ideology and belief. Rivers which used to cleanse the body and mind of every individual have now become polluted due to corruption. We visualise the cleanliness and serenity of rivers more from the perspective of human welfare than from a religious point of view. We firmly believe that the happiness and safety of the citizen of the country is ensured only when the water, land, air and the sky of a nation are pure and unpolluted. We all are determined and ready for the purification of all the rivers of the country, nay, the entire world.5. Disbelief
The person who lives in distrust or confusion cannot accomplish anything. We must possess a firm belief and trust that we are the children of the Almighty God. Our self-confidence will be awakened. A self-confident person touches new heights of success despite numerous difficulties. Some Divyga (physically challenged) people have such achievements to their name that appears nearly impossible even for a normally healthy person to attain. Stephen Hawkings born in England became a victim of motor neurone disease at the age of 21, which paralysed his entire body. He even lost his speech in the year 1985, but never gave up his studies. He disclosed the secrets of the origin, evolution, and future devastation of the universe. He is one of the most eminent scientists listed in the class of Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.

6. Despair
Never allow despair to overwhelm your life. Work regularly, persevere confidently, one day you are going to touch the sky with your success. Even an object such as a hard stone, develops many holes and dents by the continuous flow of water. Likewise, even a dimwit can turn into a wise person by his continuous efforts and despair can be transformed into a tremendous sense of hope and expectation.
7. Self-reproach
A person who is filled with self-reproach falls a victim to depression and sorrows. Therefore, we should never lead a life of self-guilt. If you have commited any mistakes, then accept them, repent and make a vow of not repeating the same mistake and move on.

(Extracted from the book: “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”. Author: Acharya Balkrishna).