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The Two Viruses



World is facing many viruses concurrently. But the two most virulent and devastating are COVID-19 and ISIS. Unfortunately, both are human generated. One is a medical pandemic and the other socially ingratiating. Both insinuated themselves into world society due to human fondness for ‘togetherness’. Luckily, both can be attenuated by ‘heat’. Corona is likely to be made ineffective by thermal heat raising the temperatures to 56 C and upwards (beyond human endurance) and the other by bringing the heat of military like action to isolate and physically terminate the perpetrators. Both these viruses have mocked the often preached lessons of love, brotherhood and accommodation. Those basic principles of social humans will still be there but only after we eradicate these two scourges ruthlessly.

It is now becoming ever more obvious that the originator of Corona has been hiding details of its own infected cases and deaths. For the leadership in that country, human life has minimal value and it is merely a means available to them, in abundance, to achieve their desire for world dominance. They used it to provide ‘cheap’ labour, enabling huge profits, to attract world business and obtaining a quantum leap in acquiring technical knowhow. They flooded the world market with inexpensive versions of western countries’ manufactures, financed and technically backed by wealthy business houses from affluent nations. The USA and European nations felt very clever in investing there and gave them their technical knowhow in IT, electronic goods and machine-tools. Some of it is stolen. The culprit nation also cleverly invested in agricultural know how to become top producers of fruit and vegetable varieties. Quietly, they also used the opportunity to mingle with the world population. All this resulted in almost total domination by ‘made in China’ products in the world. In business parlance, the world outsourced most of their manufacturing to this one nation. It is now also alleged by Dr VA Shiva, who was the inventor of e-mail at the age of 14 years and who has acquired a Harvard doctorate in Biological Engineering and is now standing for senator-ship, that the release of a biological weapon such as Corona Virus could be a deliberate attempt by China, in collusion with the large pharmaceuticals, to create a market for their virus antidotes and make wealth and dominate the world of medicine. For conceiving such evil plans of world domination and their unhygienic and unethical eating habits, this nation needs to be ostracised in every possible manner. That China has been able to bring the world to its knees is obvious by the way many affluent and affected nations, and even our own country, have shamefacedly started purchasing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and RTK (Rapid Testing Kits) at great cost from it. There being no guarantee that a nation which originated this deadly virus would not sell such equipment infested with more mutated viruses that would again force these nations to beg for Chinese antidotes at its desired rates.

What happened to the pundits of Business Management who let this imbalance in production capability be monopolised by just one nation? Could they not foresee such an eventuality? The time has come to shift and distribute such manufacturing capability to many other potential and developing nations spread all over the world. Shun every product coming out of this culprit country. Let this nation now face the retribution of the world. A total siege is needed till they are brought down to their knees.

The second virus, ISIS, has a pathologically depraved belief in attaining the spirituality coated carnal desire of attaining ultimate bliss post death. Perhaps their dictum is to behave as hellishly as possible on earth, in order to be given all the luxuries of human life in heaven. Their fanaticism is only a means to attain ‘Jannat’. Therefore, in this form it cannot be a righteous faith in God but a cultish nuance to a faith which was originally and exclusively for the warring tribes of Arabia. I say this because it is now being practiced by converts all over the world as more of the language and culture of the Arabs. Its virulent form that we encounter as the ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, Mujahedin, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e Tayyiba, etc., are all conceived and led by the clergy with that fixation. That all these forms of Islamic radicals, equipped with most modern weapons and militaryware, are able to function with impunity, is explainable as they have access to the Petro Dollar. The Arab Kings, Amirs, Sheikhs and heads of Islamic nations who have generated vast wealth due to their Petroleum products are forced to pledge vast amounts (kind of hafta) to the powerful clergy, lest they are made to suffer the same fate as that of the Kings of Iran and Afghanistan. Yet, this Arab royalty, being highly educated, knowledgeable and wise in the matter of trade and business with the entire world, has invested wisely to remain affluent even when their petroleum reserves get exhausted. There are similar well educated and talented Muslims found all over the world and in our own country who are symbols of our traditions and culture. But they are in great minority among the faithful. We hope that it is they who will eventually prevail on the masses to understand and follow the true belief of the world that is of ‘One Creator, love all creation’.

Presently the two viruses originating from China and Pakistan are working together to make the concept of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) of world domination become a reality. Even though the former has mercilessly curbed the influence of the latter in the Sinkiang region of their land, the latter is tolerating it because of their dire economic situation. Who will eventually prevail is to be seen. The world should be wise to defeat both by all the means at its disposal. But then thinking of the innocent populace of these nations who become victims of their leaders’ whims we do need to pray, “God forgive them for they know not what they do”.