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Tough times is the greatest teacher- Anand Sheela


TEDx Women in Graphic Era

By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 5 November: Ma Anand Sheela, Instrumental Spokesperson of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho) Movement said that tough times in life are the biggest teachers and the ones who brings you to the real meaning of life.
In this ceremony, women celebrities included eminent actress Sandhya Mridul and DIG Uttarakhand Police Nivedita Kukreti.
Ma Anand Sheela, former spokesperson of Rajneesh (Osho) Movement, shared her life experience with the youth, saying that she has spent 39 months in jail which was a difficult time in her own life, but prison life has also been the highest education for her. Prison life has taught her to value time, be patient and live a comfortable life while accepting the circumstances. She said that love is the most precious feeling in life, love gives strength to face the most difficult situations. She inspired the students and said that knowing the basic values of life is true education. Changes keep on happening in life, one shouldn’t be afraid of it. Listen to your heart and get out of the comfort zone. Have faith in yourself with courage, live today, only then your life will become happy and simple. Pointing to the increasing depression amongst the youth, she said that today depression is increasing in the youth all over the world. If you balance it, then you can stay away from depression.
Noted film-TV actress Sandhya Mridul said it was her dream to become an actress and dancer, doing work that she would fall in love with and identify herself with. But her journey was not an easy one. Yet she believed in herself. Self Belief encouraged her to reach the destination.
Sandhya asked the youth to dream for themselves, for that they need decision, determination and belief in themselves. She said that when you believe in yourself, then only people can believe in you and can support you.
Keynote speaker at the function, Uttarakhand Police DIG Nivedita Kukreti said that for the empowerment of women, they need social and psychological empowerment along with education.
Whether it is home or society, women are always asked to remain silent. The voice is always suppressed. We need to change this mindset. She also appealed to the women that what people will say needs to be removed from their mind. You can achieve your position not only by becoming a son but also by becoming a daughter. You’ll have to change the preconceived notions of the society towards women. She said that she herself belongs to a society where the emphasis is on marriage more than the education of girls after an age. But she insisted on further studies, and then a support system was prepared for her in the family. Had she not raised her voice, she would hardly have become an IPS. She said that being a mother, it is important to strike a balance between service and household chores. You have to accept the shortcomings in you, only then you can make a place by making the existence that you have.

The function was organized in the K.P.Nautiyal auditorium of Graphic Era Hill University. Senior Management Officer of Graphic Era Group, Rakhi Ghanshala, felicitated the speakers by giving mementos.
Sarishma Dangi convened the program.
Avantika Mohan, Dr. Ruchi Badola, Sandhya Guntareddy, Sabri Prasad Singh, Manik Kaur, Dimple Jangra, Vasudha Rai, Moha Chinappa, Dr. Bhavna Prabhakar, Dr. Anita Pandey also shared their stories in Tedx Talk.