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Transformative Journey to Living Authentically with Somik’s ‘Invaluable’


Book Review

By SB Uniyal

‘Invaluable: Achieving Clarity on Value’ is a thought-provoking and insightful guide that invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and value clarification without necessitating drastic life changes. Written by Somik Raha, it stands out as a powerful book for those seeking to uncover their true selves and find happiness through a fresh perspective on their values and interactions.

The essence of “Invaluable” is its ability to help readers clarify their values and integrate them into daily decisions. Each chapter is designed to empower readers on their path of self-discovery, offering guidance to understand their unique values. Raha’s holistic approach combines stories, philosophy, poetry, citizen science, and podcasts for a multifaceted exploration of values.

In the complexity of today’s world, making decisions that truly align with our values can be challenging. “Invaluable” fills this crucial gap by offering a framework that aids in discovering, testing, and communicating our values succinctly. The book’s strength lies in its ability to articulate the often elusive concept of values in a relatable and actionable manner. Raha’s blend of narrative and practical exercises ensures that readers not only understand their values but also learn how to live by them intentionally.

One of the standout features of this book is its accessibility. The author doesn’t demand that readers overhaul their lives or adopt radical changes. Instead, he offers a series of reflections and tools that encourage gradual and meaningful transformation. This approach makes the book appealing to a wide audience, from those just beginning their self-discovery journey to individuals seeking deeper alignment in their lives.

The inclusion of philosophy and poetry enriches the reading experience, adding depth to the exploration of values. Combined with Raha’s engaging storytelling, “Invaluable” becomes a companion for self-discovery. The use of citizen science and podcasts gives the book a modern, multimedia appeal.

Raha’s background adds depth and authenticity to his insights. Raised in India and with over two decades in the Western world, he blends Eastern philosophy with Western pragmatism. His journey from coder to philosopher and technologist, with a PhD from Stanford, enhances his credibility in exploring the intersection of technology, philosophy, and humanity.

“Invaluable” is not without its critiques, however. Some readers might find the integration of various elements—stories, poetry, and podcasts—overwhelming or distracting from the core message. Additionally, while the book aims to be accessible, the depth of philosophical discussions might be challenging for those not accustomed to such content. However, these aspects can also be seen as strengths, offering layers of richness for those willing to engage deeply.

Overall, “Invaluable: Achieving Clarity on Value” by Somik Raha is a groundbreaking guide to understanding and living by your values. With its holistic approach and accessible narrative, the book inspires and enlightens, making self-discovery enriching and fulfilling. Whether you aim to make intentional decisions or seek a deeper understanding of your values, “Invaluable” is a worthy addition to your reading list.