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Uttaranchal University Organizes 4th National Debate Competition on Migration of Students



DEHRADUN, 29 Apr: Law Faculty of Uttaranchal University organized an interesting national debating competition today on the issue of migration of Indian students to receive education abroad. Former Commandant of Army Education Core, Brigadier Binod Pasbola was the Chief Guest on the occasion, while Chancellor Jitender Joshi and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dharam Buddhi were present as special guests. The topic of the discussion was, “This House Believes that Student Migration is a Failure of the Educational System in India”. Dr. G. S. Chauhan, Dr. A. K. Srivastava and Chitra Rab were the judges of the competitive event. Pro Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Rajesh Bhuguna stated that the students’ migration issue and efforts for their safe home landing because of Russia-Ukraine war hit the head-lines, which subsequently became an interesting topic of nation-wide discussion. He further maintained that participants from reputed universities and colleges of Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh Punjab, Hisar, Himachal Pradesh made their way to the mega debating event. Those speaking in favour of the motion strongly argued that the flawed educational system in the country is chiefly responsible for the migration of students for overseas education, consequently exposing themselves to high risks in the midst of international conflicts. They also presented relevant facts to substantiate their arguments. Those speaking against the motion defended the educational system of the country declaring the student migration as the product of luxurious mentality of the rich people of the country. They asserted that the same educational system has produced professionals who have established their deep imprints across the world. They presented strong arguments laced with relevant facts to back their assertions. Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Dharam Buddhi observed that the topic under discussion needs an indepth analysis. Better research facilities and infrastructure at foreign universities might be the reason for student migration. He emphasized on the aspect of introducing hybrid education and practical as well as experiential learning systems in the country. Chancellor of the university gave the winners a total of Rs. 65000 in cash prizes, along with rolling trophy and mementos. Brigadier Binod Pasbola thanked Uttaranchal University and the organizers of the Debating Competition at the outset. Addressing the enlightened audience Pasbola observed that migration is not bad always and in many cases proves to be a catalyst for sociocultural upliftment. He cited Macaulay’s speech to British Parliament about the enriched culture and knowledge system of India. Praising the Indian Educational System he remarked that the products of the same system rule the Silicon Valley in U.S. Referring to the Mantra of Chetwode Building he exhorted the national decision makers to make educational system filled with love for nation and national duty. Those present on the occasion were Chancellor Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dharam Buddhi, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna, Brigadier Binod Pasbola, Dr. G. S. Chauhan, Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Chitra Rab, Dr. Poonam Rawat, Amit Chaudhary, Kumar Ashutosh, Dr. V. Bhuvneswari and hundreds of faculty members and students.