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Vehicles will run on the road and generate electricity

Graphic Era gets patent on another invention
By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 27 June: Graphic Era Deemed University has discovered a new technology to generate electricity from waste energy. Through this, whether it is the traffic of the roads or the heat coming out of an engine, all can become a source of electricity production. By registering the patent of this great discovery, the Central Government has put its seal on it. Graphic Era’s scientist Dr Warij Panwar has made this big discovery to solve the problem of energy.
Dr Warij Panwar of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Graphic Era Deemed University told that a special type of membrane has been prepared by mixing carbon nano fiber and electrolyte in the polymer sheet. This black plastic sheet looks like  cloth. If it is connected to a battery by laying it on a road, it will immediately convert the energy generated by the traffic movement into electricity. This electricity can also be stored in a capacitor/battery.  More traffic will generate more electricity  through it. Apart from this, electricity can also be generated from the heat coming out of them by applying it on overheated engines and other equipment.
Dr Warij said that this discovery has been successful after three months of continuous experiments in the Sensors and Actuators Lab of Graphic Era. This membrane can also be used in areas where electricity is not available. Its cost is also very less. It can be used for wireless, mobile, lighting etc in areas without electricity. Using this in urban areas, additional electricity can be generated.
Chairman, Graphic Era Group of Institutions, Dr Kamal Ghanshala, while congratulating Dr. Panwar and his accompanying research scholar, Lokesh Singh Panwar, on this great discovery, said that this invention is very important because of giving a new option of energy production. This will help in reducing the problems arising out of energy shortage. Especially in remote areas where there is no electricity, its usefulness will be immense.