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Agnipath’ policy will positively impact Forces’ battle-worthiness: Maj Gen GS Choudhary


By Our  Staff  Reporter 

Dehradun, 15 Jun: Major General GS Choudhary, General Officer Commanding (GOC), Golden Key Division, addressed the media on the ‘Agnipath’ policy in Clement Town, here, today.

The Major General said that the armed forces would see an increased operational efficiency when the ‘Agnipath’ policy is fully implemented. He added that the ‘Agniveers’ who join the programme after matriculation would be given a certification equivalent to senior secondary. He also said that credits and possibly a diploma would be awarded to those who enter the programme after passing their senior secondary examination. Referring to the notification by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs that priority would be given to ‘Agniveers’ who have completed four years under this scheme for recruitment into CAPFs and Assam Rifles, the Major General added that similar efforts are being made to enhance the job prospects of the ‘Agniveers’ in consultation with other union ministries, Defence Public Sector Undertakings and private entities.

The GOC said that the armed forces are already undertaking awareness campaigns to popularise the scheme in the remotest parts of the nation. He added that a part of the recruitment examination would be made online so that a maximum number of youth can apply for these positions. He further said that the forces are in talks with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to match the technical needs of the armed forces with the skill set of our youth.

The Major General added that a fair and transparent screening process has been put in place to absorb the ‘Agniveers’ into the armed forces after four years. He added that the ‘Agnipath’ Scheme has been designed to enable a youthful profile of the Armed Forces.  It will be a unique opportunity for the youth to serve the country and contribute to Nation Building. As for the Armed Forces, it will enhance its youthful profile and provide a fresh lease of Josh and Jazba. It is envisaged that the average age profile of the Indian Armed forces would come down by about four to five years with the implementation of this scheme.

Maj Gen Choudhary disclosed that the intake from this scheme would be such that there is no deficit of personnel in the armed forces. This policy is a transformative step and a major human resource policy reform for the forces. This policy would have a long-term positive impact on the operational efficiency and battle-worthiness of the armed forces. Apart from this direct impact on the army, he added that these ‘Agniveers’ would aid in the effort of nation-building.

Colonel Vikrant Mehta gave a detailed presentation on the implementation of the scheme and its objectives before the Q&A session.