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Akash Tattva is basis of our inner & outer life: Gov



Dehradun, 4 Nov: A national-level exhibition on ‘Akash Tattva’ was organised at Uttaranchal University. Governor Lt General Gurmit Singh (Retd) inaugurated the exhibition. He took a round of the exhibition along with other dignitaries and interacted with the students from various schools and colleges of Dehradun district who had put up fascinating technical stalls. On this occasion, he also released a space balloon, which will provide information about atmospheric data collection. He also inspected the ‘space bus’.

All the guests were welcomed  Shantanu Wadekar, Consultant, ISRO. He provided detailed information about the purpose of organising the event. He stated that the ‘Panchmahabhutas’ (Sky, Water, Fire, Air, Earth) are essential elements of life. National-level conferences are being organised on these Panchmahabhutas all over the country, he disclosed. Various scientific ventures, undertaken by the central and the state level Science Institutions, universities, and self-aided institutions were also displayed, wherein ISRO’s Space Bus, Atomic Energy, Science and Technology, Biotechnology, DRDO, IRD, NIRI, Wadia Institute, IIP, ARIES, UCOST, UCERK, USAC, RUSHA, including Uttarakhand Utthan Council along with the exhibition of 52 institutions were the centre of attraction. This exhibition is free for all from 4 to 7 November, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Praveen Ramdas, Council General Secretary, Vigyan Bharti, said this programme is designed to attract youngsters towards science and technology-based research and innovation, conducted by various scientific organisations based on Indian philosophy. People would be made aware of the views of the leading scientists of the country.

In his speech, the Governor said that science and technology are important for the progress and development of any nation. India is playing a leading role in the field of science and technology globally, many new research works are being conducted on space science, atomic energy, information technology, biotechnology, etc. For example, the Covid vaccine was made available to the whole world in time to save mankind.

He also pointed out the need to explain the ancient knowledge of India about the Panchmahabhut through modern scientific research. He added that ISRO has an important role in solving and understanding the mysteries of space. It was important to keep India’s culture and morality and nationalism dear, which is important for building a new nation.

Dr Sameer Sharan, Member Secretary of the Seminar, proposed the vote of thanks. He appreciated the presence of Praveen Ramdas, Shantanu Bhatwadekar, Scientific Advisor to ISRO, Prof Durgesh Pant, Dr RP Singh, Chancellor, Uttaranchal University, Jitendra Joshi, Executive Director-SA & IT, Dr Abhishek Joshi, Vice President Dr Satbir Sehgal, Vice Chancellor Prof Dharmabuddhi, Dean, Student Welfare, Prof Shravan Kumar.

Prof KD Purohit, President (Vigyan Bharti Uttarakhand), Prof Hemvati Nandan, Secretary, (Vigyan Bharti Uttarakhand), Dr Devi Prasad Uniyal, Joint Director, UCOST, Prof Anita Rawat, Director, USERC, Ekta Tripathi, Shakti Vigyan Bharti, Dr Jyoti, Prof MPS Bisht, Director, USAC, Prof Rachna Nautiyal, Dr Kavita Kala, Dr Narendra Rawat, RP Nautiyal, Jaimal Negi from Uttaranchal Utthan Parishad, Ramprakash Painyuli, Dr MM Maithani, Prof Kuldeep Rawat, Dr Suraj Prakash, Dr Shishir Prasad, Dr Vijendra, Amit Pokhriyal, Dr Lokesh Joshi, Dr Deependra Tripathi, students and scientists from more than 1400 universities, colleges and institutions from all over India witnessed the programme.