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Alert issued after swine flu confirmed in pigs in Rishikesh



DEHRADUN, 9 Jul: District Magistrate Dr R Rajesh Kumar has confirmed detection of African Swine Fever disease in some pigs, under Rishikesh Municipal Corporation area of Dehradun district. He said that alert had been issued to prevent spread of the disease. The area would be divided into three categories now, that is Infected Zone, Surveillance Zone, Disease Free Zone. The District Magistrate apprised that the disease had been confirmed under the Rishikesh Municipal Corporation area and that an area within the radius of one kilometer from the infected zone had been declared as the infected zone. There would be a complete ban on sale of pork and movement of pigs in this area. Instructions have also been given to take measures to prevent spread of infection. Measures such as local area disinfection, fumigation and to isolate sick animals from healthy animals were being taken. Instructions were also given to dispose off the carcinogens in a scientific manner, while culling the pigs coming in the infected zone. The area falling within a radius of 10 km from the infected zone has been declared as surveillance zone. The movement of pigs in this area will also be completely prohibited and instructions have been given to get samples of pigs from the said area every 15 days and send them to the contact ICAR-NISHAD Bhopal laboratory for testing. The entire area of Dehradun district outside the surveillance zone has been declared as Disease Free Zone. No pig animal will be sent out from this area or brought from any other area in the said area at present. It means that the movement of pigs and animals will be completely banned. The said restrictions will remain in force for the next two months for now.