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Amid heavy demand, UPCL makes additional purchase of power


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 19 Jan: Amidst the huge demand for electricity in winter, UPCL has claimed that it has made arrangements for two months supply of electricity through various means. It has further claimed that the corporation will not face any problem throughout January till mid-February.

On the other hand, residents from many cities including the capital city of Dehradun and the hills have been complaining about regular power cuts by the UPCL due to the power shortage in the state.

It may be recalled that UPCL faces acute power shortages in the winter as hydropower generation in the state falls due to snow, but the power shortage has been even greater this winter. The demand on the other hand increases sharply every winter. Amid huge criticism from the public, UPCL appeared to have made efforts to tie up with some outside agencies to procure power to meet the shortage and the excess demand.

According to the sources in the UPCL, MD Anil Kumar had sent some senior officials to Delhi, and due to their efforts, the UPCL claims to have made arrangements for purchase of additional power to the tune of 400 MW power from seven states. According to the UPCL, 800 MW power is required in January to meet the demand for power and for this arrangements had now been made. Sources added that following the arrangement of additional 400 MW of power, there would be no power shortage till 15 February. Thereafter, some power shortage may arise. UPCL has claimed to be pursuing additional procurement of power to meet the requirements beyond 15 February.

Though the UPCL is now claiming that at present no power cuts are being resorted to, independent sources claim that in many areas, the power cuts continue on pretext of maintenance work.