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ARTO begins verification of taxi scooters in Mussoorie


By Sunil Sonkar

Mussoorie, 12 Jan: The District Administration and Transport Department have started taking action regarding illegal plying of taxi scooters in Mussoorie. All the taxi scooters in Mussoorie were verified on Friday and stickers were put on the scooties so that the illegal ones could be detected. On this occasion, a camp was organised in the premises of Mussoorie Municipality for the verification of taxi scooters.

Under the leadership of ARTO Rajendra, the documents of all the taxi scooters were checked. Stickers were pasted on the taxi scooters.

The ARTO said that many taxi scooters are being operated illegally, for which the verification camp was organised. The scooters are being checked as per the licence. He said that the scooters which have stickers will be allowed to operate, while in the next phase, the parking places shown in the licence will also be checked and, if the licence holder is not found to have parking facility, then action will be taken to cancel the licence. He said that due to the increasing number of taxi scooters in Mussoorie, talks are going on with higher officials to control the number.