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Aryan School holds Elocution Competition



Dehradun, 11 May: The Aryan School hosted the Inter Class Elocution competition within their premises today. The competition was held for the students from Class 1st to 8th. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Nadra Ahmed.
The results of the same were declared by the Principal B Dasgupta. The winners from all the classes 1st to 8th were Shivansh Sahi, Aradhya Negi, Vridhi Bhatnagar, Anahita Chaudhary, Kesar Kapil, Vinamra Agarwal, Rudra Vinayak and Abhishek Kilam respectively.
The competition was divided into five categories. The theme for classes 1 & 2 was ‘Animals & Pets’, class 3rd ‘Friendship’, classes 4th & 5th ‘Gratitude’, class 6th ‘Limericks’, class 7th ‘Poems by Sarojini Naidu’ and for class 8th was ‘Verses of Shakespeare’.
The students were judged on the basis of memorisation, modulation, pronunciation, body language and overall effect.
The Chief Guest appreciated the efforts of the students and said that all the participants performed exceptionally well.
Also present on the occasion were the Principal B Dasgupta, Vice Principal Dr Jyoti, teachers and students.