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At least 132 persons die in past 70 days due to excessive rains


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 10 Aug: Heavy rains in the state are continuing to take a toll on the lives of the people. As per the official sources, at least 132 people have lost their lives due to the landslides or drowning in rivers and drains in the past 70 days since 1 June. Apart from this, there are a number of people who are missing. The monsoon season is proving to be very intense this year and Dehradun district has already seen more than 40 percent more rains than the normal range and the monsoon is likely to remain intensively active for another month. Last year, a total of 244 persons had lost their lives during the entire monsoon season from June till September as per the official figures.

It has been raining continuously across the state since June. Due to heavy rains, landslides and water logging are being reported continuously and the rivers, canals and streams are in spate across the state. People are losing their lives as a result. The district administrations are on high alert and the SDRF teams are ready in sensitive and susceptible areas to deal with any possible disasters.

Since 1 June, so far, the SDRF teams have rescued 1226 people in various incidents, while 132 dead bodies have also been recovered. At the same time, people are still missing in the Gaurikund landslide incident.