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BJP delivers on its promises: Satpal Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter
Pauri, 11 Feb: Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj, who is contesting from Chaubattakhal Assembly Constituency, is campaigning vigorously these days with the support of his wife, former cabinet minister Amrita Rawat, sons Shradheya and Suyash. They are reaching out to voters in remote villages and asking for votes in favour of the BJP.
While interacting with the public in various villages of his constituency on Friday, Maharaj claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party does what it says, while there is a huge difference in the words and deeds of the Congress. In the last 70 years, the Congress always kept the people of the country in the dark. Looting and corruption were committed in the name of development. As soon as the BJP government was formed in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, along with other parties involved in corruption, the shop of the Congress was also closed. Today, the condition of the Congress is such that even the handful of its leaders in the country and the state are not leaving any opportunity to put the nation in disrepute.
Referring to the vision document of the BJP, he said the party’s government would establish medical colleges in every district of the state, as well as connect all the villages of Uttarakhand with 4G and 5G mobile networks, high-speed broadband and fiber internet. He spoke extensively about other promises made in the document.
Maharaj visited the villages of Datha, Malkot, Kui, Mazgaon, Matialna, Chaura, Sirund, Musasu and Bhandali, etc. today. He reminded people of the numerous public works got done by him.
Amrita Rawat met people in Sili Malli Wayeda and Vedikhal, while Shradhey Rawat visited Ghalla, Duld, Mundiyap, Thapala Malla-Talla, Pusoli, Kota and Pipli. Suyash Rawat appealed to the voters in Patlu, Vagoda, Patholgaon, Gwari and Semi, etc.