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Booknerds holds session on ‘Legends’


DEHRADUN, 28 Jan: Winters are the best time to get lost in the world of magic, elves, witches, ghosts, and Gods. Keeping that in mind, The Booknerds organised an event dedicated to the fans of fantasy, myths, and legends. The event focused on Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Norse Mythology, Lord of the Rings, and A Song of Ice and Fire books. A range of activities was planned for the afternoon like Book Haul and Treasure Hunt.
The event was kick-started by Alisha, Booknerds team member, giving a little introduction of what Booknerds is all about. She was followed by co-founder Rohan Raj showing a video of the events organised by the Booknerds in the past year. After which, Arpit, Booknerds team member, an expert on Comic books, told the audience about Norse Mythology. He explained to the audience how the characters and stories taken from mythology differed from what was presented in popular culture. He described many interesting facts about Thor and his Mjolnir, Loki and his horse wife, and many others.
Next, began level one of the Treasure Hunt, conducted by Mahima Ghildiyal, in which the participants had to answer questions based on the Fantasy Novels. The first five quick responses moved to Level Two. Rupali amazed everyone with her knowledge of the Fantasy world. Moving on, Alisha conducted a storytelling of the book, Secrets of Zynpagua, a fantasy novel by Ilika Ranjan. Meanwhile, the five children were decoding their hints to the treasure. As soon as the children came up with answers to the places where the clues were hidden, they started running all over the cafe. Rabbi was the fastest in collecting the clues, but Rupali won by guessing four clues correctly.
The next activity, Fantasy Book Haul, was won by Rabbi with his amazing collection all stacked up. Neha Raj, co-founder, gave him the title of Book Hauler of the day. The event concluded with a book discussion with the attendees discussing their favourite books and characters.